Unnamed the Hateful Sulfur Wyrm

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Owner: Upper Center
Species:Sulfur Wyrm
Gender: Male
Orgin: Ruins
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 01-19-2018 18:03:58

Your hatchling has grown now and although its tail spikes pose only a minor threat compared to its body, its formidable hood and spikes, as well as its smell, makes it seem quite scary. Its body makes it look like it has some affinity with fire, though it bears neither flame nor heat to support its formidable look.

A sulfur wyrms horrendous smell is the result of the chemical composition of its body, and how it processes food. A sulfur wyrm produces this smell due to the chemical composition in its scales reacting with the air; and the chemical composition of these scales is due to the unique fact that poisonous chemicals in their food gets processed into their scales. These wyrms are potentially fatal to be eaten by other creatures, and its a good thing that these creatures tend to look formidable. These wyrms are thankfully, not found at the creche, and most mages find it foolish to keep these creatures as close pets.

Wyrms are large, serpent like draco who may possess only back legs and have large, useless wings, or may be completely limbless. Their main forms of attack are biting with a poison bite, or with some limbless varieties, stinging with a toxic laced tail. They are usually found in desert or arid regions, hiding in the scrub and waiting for their next prey. They are also characterized by their strict diet of raw meat, and the fact that they refuse to eat any meat that has been cooked or is not fresh. Due to this, the old way to tell a wyrm from a wyvern was to offer it cooked meat and see if it took it.

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