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Unnamed the Ecstatic Icefyre Midge

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Icefyre Midge
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Spring
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 01-05-2017 16:39:23

Your hatchling has grown now, and it is an interesting creature. Although it has wings, it does not fly, instead scurrying along the ground and walls, where it makes its home in the crevasses that naturally form when the rock settled. As such, you often have to go around reaching in cracks hoping to find it when you need it, which thankfully isn't often- as other than collecting its shiny scales for ornamental designs. It does have some fire capability, but you haven't seen it cast a flame, only make some objects lukewarm. It is useful for keeping in your hood when winter comes around, though.

Icefyre Midges are so called due to their strange habitat for their capabilities. These midges are able to be warm in most any situation, yet they live among the cold, icy lands of the northern frost. As such, these firey midges are often mistakenly taken in to the dwellings of northern peoples, who mistakenly assume that these midges will bring their house good luck- and instead melt down their icy dwelling. As such, these places hold these creatures in a negative light, and preferably shoo them away from their villages, instead of welcoming them like many other species. Mages consider these midges fairly useful for scale collection, but otherwise collect them as a novelty, as their abilities are weak compared to most other species.

Pygmy draco are described as small draco that may have any sort of number of wings or limbs, but all have in common their distinct small size. Often they range from the size of a small cat to even the size of a lizard, and they are usually seen in forested areas around the veil. They commonly possess a very distinct sense of playfulness and all will often play pranks and mess with their nest mates or owners. They lack any sort of intelligence, though, and are often seen as merely pets in the higher parts of society, though in some of the more uneducated areas of the veil they are sill revered and kept a good distance away from.

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