Unnamed the Exotic Erebus Dragon

Owner: Nicoleknb
Species:Erebus Dragon
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Creche
Season: Fall
Time: Gilden
Birthdate: 11-18-2018 00:30:55

This small hatchling seems to lack any legs. It also seems to be able to fly unlike most other hatchlings, and many of your other dragons stay away from it due to the radiant heat it emits.

Erebi are said to be the spirits found inside of a volcano, and are extremely elusive and rare. Although they bear a very fiery habitat and can wield flame with precision, they are very solitary and prefer to avoid confrontation with anything. They are one of the rarest dragons in the veil.

Amphiteres are large, legless and armless serpents that often possess multiple pairs of wings. They are usually bound to flying and are rarely seen on the ground. Found in the high volcanic regions of the veil or in the deep areas of the jungle or oceanic surrounding areas, they exclusively feast on fish and other sea creatures. Often, volcanic amphiteres will be seen flying long distances for this valuable prey. They used to be worshipped as gods in the older civilizations surrounding the areas of their dwellings, and large areas of stone slabs can be found carved with depictions of them in the center regions of the jungle.

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