312312 the Brave Worm Wyrm

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Owner: Infernette
Species:Worm Wyrm
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Shade
Time: Gilden

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This beast and your soil dragons seem to get into constant quarrels. From what you can tell, this creature lacks any limb and is incredibly proficient at burrowing underground. It is rarely seen though, and you often have to track it by following the holes in the ground. You aren't sure about much else.

Worm wyrms are a legless breed that possess a strong affinity with earth magic. Due to this, they are used by many treasure and stone hunters to burrow underground for search of ore veins and gemstones. A good miner usually keeps around ten of these creatures at hand to excavate a large tunnel or for protection when exploring a cavern. These wyrms are able to lift large chunks of rock and soil and condense it into a safer size and are able to morph the rocks into other shapes. A few creative mages have used these creatures to build many of the large stone statues that adorn the edges of the castle.

Wyrms are large, serpent like draco who may possess only back legs and have large, useless wings, or may be completely limbless. Their main forms of attack are biting with a poison bite, or with some limbless varieties, stinging with a toxic laced tail. They are usually found in desert or arid regions, hiding in the scrub and waiting for their next prey. They are also characterized by their strict diet of raw meat, and the fact that they refuse to eat any meat that has been cooked or is not fresh. Due to this, the old way to tell a wyrm from a wyvern was to offer it cooked meat and see if it took it.

I was the first creature on the site, and originally was a pyro raptoria.