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Unnamed the Dumb Parafinned

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Owner: MelancLucy
Gender: Male
Orgin: Scouring
Season: Summer
Time: Dawn
Birthdate: 09-08-2018 05:46:15

Your small hatchling has grown into a quite large dragon now, and has long, ruffled, luminescent outcroppings of skin on its side where usually a pair of wings would be. It also has these growths on its tail and uses them as a lure to attract fish and also to confuse predators. It is mild mannered and will sometimes surface when you summon it.

Parafinned dragons are one of the rarest species of dragons to find as an adult, due to the nature of their biome. Unlike other ocean species, parafinned dragons live where the Edge and the ocean meet, and the few mages who have made the trip to this edge can recall the bright lights that emanate from deep underwater, produced by these dragons. Many seagoing mages will use the sight of these dragons to track how far off course or on course they are, and how alert they should be for possible attack.

Dragons are regarded to be the most crucial creatures in the forest, due to the many legends surrounding a group of seven who created this world, yet there are no rock solid specimens of proof to suggest this. They are still worshiped by the less advanced villages, and often are given offerings of food and gifts of gems to earn their favor for protection and to hopefully one day own an egg from these majectic creatures. Many species exist, each with their own special powers, but there are many more discovered nearly every day, and we have yet to know why.

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