Unnamed the Derpy Wing Dragon

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Owner: Q
Species:Wing Dragon
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Summer
Time: Night

Your dragon is now a full grown adult, and it is a most beautiful sight. Its wings glimmer in the light, and it has a strong and toned body. Unlike most of your other four legged dragons, it prefers to walk just upon its hind legs, and often will use their length to its advantage when fishing. It has a very shy and reclusive temperament, and it will not approach you or your other dragons, instead preferring to stick to its own kind if it has to socialize. If you do see it around and heading towards you, you know that it means that something is wrong, and often you will call it a harbinger of bad news for this very reason.

Wing dragons are a curious breed, with only two known subtypes- the Lunar and Solar variants. Lunar wings are only active at night, and Solar wings are only active during day. It is said that they are the result of a very powerful species of dragon that possessed two heads and could not stop quarreling with the other- the dark head was constantly sleeping during daytime and the light one was sleeping during night, preventing the awake one from getting anything done. Eventually, they grew too hateful of each other, and the council decided that in order to stop the fighting between them and to protect their balance, they split them into the dragon of shade and the dragon of light. Wing dragons are said to be the result of the extra pair of wings that were left over when the two split, and each went their separate ways.

Wing draco are an odd breed of draco, only walking on two legs, although they have two arms. They also posses two very large wings compared to their bodies, and are masters at flight. They are rarely found in the wild, and in fact the collection of their species has been banned unless you possess a special permit issued by the high council. Due to this, and their extreme rarity, they are an elusive breed and only handed out as a gift for completing certain tasks or serving the castle.

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