Unnamed the Lazy Gembeast

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Owner: Q
Gender: Male
Orgin: Forest
Season: Winter
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 07-21-2018 21:25:29

The egg cracks forcefully open, and a small hatching stumbles out of the egg. Its back is covered in violet gems, and the bulge on its tail seems to be covered in them as well. Looks like the hatchling is having trouble lifting it sometimes.It has now grown, and the gems on its back have grown jagged and sharp. It can now lift its tail easier, and from the looks of it, loves to swing it around some. You try to avoid being near it at this time for fear you may get hurt.

Recently the discovered remains of extinct monsters once slain by the Seven were found deep within the West-North caves, and over time, with the influence of the darkness and crystals around them, they were reanimated. Certain gems embedded themselves into the bodies and resurrected these dangerous beasts, their life source eternally contained in the minerals they bonded with. These creatures are now being discovered in different parts of the lands, with each specific mineral affecting their power, location, and ferocity.

Beasts are creatures created from the leftover wild energy from the old world. Often, these creatures are mashed together with parts from many of the creatures that used to exist in this world. These creatures are the strongest that can be found, but are extremely rare, and some species are not even known to exist besides in textbooks and old tomes of lore. Even the most aggravated red will back down when faced with one of these creatures, which luckily for the dragon will most likely never occur during its lifetime. These creatures are said to even equal the creators in power, and many a story has been written about how these creatures have battled against them.

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