Unnamed the Selever

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Owner: MelancLucy
Gender: Egg
Orgin: Creche
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 12-16-2018 15:03:10

This egg shines due to the goo it is covered in. The crack now spans half of the shell.

Selevers are small creatures, usually about the size of a mage's hand. These lizards are often sold to mages looking to study for hours upon end last minute, as the slime they excrete is a powerful agent that prevents people and animals from sleeping. This goo is often traded throughout markets to people also seeking respite from the nightmares that plague many inhabitants in this doomed world. Although not banned, many people frown upon the use of these lizards since side effects can range from jittery actions to mental insanity.

Lizards are creatures that seemed to have come here from the world that existed before this, and are most common around the buildings that are located throughout the world. They seem to prefer to live in the natural hide-aways formed by the stones and bricks that are placed for buildings. They are capable of running at high speeds, used to their advantage to get away from their natural predator, the chickens. They do not seem to have any natural magic, though mages collect them for their odd demeanour and curious nature.

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