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Unnamed the Scared Yivartian Windslug

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Yivartian Windslug
Gender: Male
Orgin: Hills
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 01-17-2017 02:11:36

Your...hatchling... has grown now and it is able to use its fins to obtain access to anywhere in the hold it pleases, and to munch on whatever plants it wants. You've taken to getting used to having to clean slime off the ceiling, though you wish it would refrain from eating the mossy stones. Even so, you notice that without cleaning, the slime will resolve itself, and that your room looks a lot less dank than before.

Windslugs are so called because of the strange appendages that line their back, and allow them to glide in any small breeze that can carry their weight. Their trails of slime can be very annoying to the mages who prefer clean rooms and tidy halls, but it does have some use- the slime produced by these slugs is an excellent binding agent for books and tools, and has been found that when bonded between too objects and removed from air, will solidify into a near unbreakable substance.

Anems are one of the most abhorred and hated creatures by some mages, due to their strange body builds, strange powers, and even stranger breeds. Anems can have elemental powers, although in most recorded species their powers come from their physical builds and not from magic. The few species that do retain some sort of magical essence are intimidating and truly terrifying, said to be easily the size of a dragon when grown under the care of a watchful mage. Anems never reach a full size though, as they can grow for eternity, so long as their are not killed by wounds, disease, or battle. As such, tales of anems living in the depths of the edgelands growing to be the size of mountains and being battle monsters for the shadows are not unheard of.

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