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Unnamed the Childish Unglios

Owner: haineeezinha
Gender: Male
Orgin: Wind Shop
Season: Winter
Time: Night

This hatchling does not bear any characteristics comparable to your other creatures, and is prone to pouncing and attacking whatever moves, and knocking objects off of tables and shelves. It is a vibrant green color, and seems to shimmer in the wind. It has grown now and although it has not lost any of its mischievous behavior it does sleep more often. It also has taken up hunting, and you have to keep it away from any shinks or other small creatures as it is prone to trying to pounce and consume them.

Although Unglios lack any sort of elemental affiliation when it comes to magic, they are unmistakably a creation of the wind. With their long, flowing manes of cloud and the reaction their fur produces when exposed to wind, they are a beautiful sight to behold. These creatures make up for what they lack in elemental strength with their strong physical powers, able to take down most baenalkin sized animals on their own, and a full grown quake drake when in packs. Their strong instinct to hunt and kill makes them a dangerous creature to keep in the vicinity of any hold, and as such, many mages prefer to let their Unglios roam wild once they reach adulthood.

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