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Unnamed the Sleepy Siciallian Hydra

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Owner: Melancholy
Species:Siciallian Hydra
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Fall
Time: Night
Birthdate: 09-16-2018 03:48:42

Your hatchling has grown another head and its appetite is even bigger than its size. It now does not hunt in the local area but often wanders off towards the ocean to catch food. The beast never seems to take a break when it decides to embark upon this task, instead driven on getting to the ocean to begin its next feast. You have attempted to follow it on its travel before, but it seemed to disappear into a mirage when it arrived at the desert edge.

Siciallian hydras are named after the old ruins of a town that they were once the great creature of. These hydras were used in this coastal town to help aide in the fishing industry and to help managed and track schools of fish for the best fishing times. The dragons had become one of the key species to this town, until a wandering black soul had corrupted all eggs in the town, to become vile and forever hungry beasts. These dragons soon replaced all untainted adults and thew town realized that their fish stocks would soon become entirely wiped out by their once reliable pets. Many of the townspeople fled to neighboring villages to seek refuge out of fear that the dragons, upon eating all of the fish, would surely hunt for them. Once the fish did run out, though, the dragons began to colonize the old ruins of the city and destroyed much of the stonework for their nests. If a mage was to stumble upon these now shaded ruins, they would encounter a very twisted and vile version of the castle species, which is banned from ownership, if a mage makes it out alive. The eggs that the castle has are from old lineages of the original corrupted eggs, who still keep their appetites but do not have the twisted and dark looks.

Twin draco are a curious and strange breed of dracos, known for their multiple heads. These multiple heads often argue and fight with each other, though they often use their multiple heads to confuse and annoy their prey. Often it is said that if a head of a twin is cut off, another will grown back in its place. With some species, it is said that sometimes over two heads may grow back in its place. Twins are often found in forested areas of the veil, due to the fact that they often are able to put their bodies behind a tree and hide it and use their multiple heads to scare off any predators by making it seem that there are multiple creatures surrounding it. Some species have also been found to have a modified variant of a head, that appears to be a sort of vine with a mouth instead of a full face.

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