Unnamed the Scared Copper Turtle

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Owner: Q
Species:Copper Turtle
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Creche
Season: Winter
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 07-27-2018 23:40:34

Although this hatchling spends most of its time hiding from you, you can clearly see that what has hatched from the egg is a form of turtle. The bright coloration on its shell is incredibly beautiful, and the spines on it protect it from being bothered by most interactions.

Copper turtles are known to be the most common variant of turtle, and are named as such because of the brilliant copper-like coloration that adorns the borders of the their shells. These turtles are incredibly harmless, although quite giant, and do not mind interaction with mages, or anyone for that matter. Easy going and calm, their passive nature used to make them a strong focus for soups and stews, and until recently, most mages considered it silly to own such a creature, until it was discovered that they held a direct relationship to the stone god.

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