Unnamed the Sluggish Cockatrice

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Owner: Q
Gender: Female
Orgin: Battle
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 08-15-2018 15:59:36

This tiny hatchling actually is quite cute, despite it seems to dribble some strange acid all over the ground where it walks. It's not much different than a chicken, although it refuses to be handled. Maybe the stories are all lies. Its feathers and scales have grown in now, and you can tell assuming it was harmless was a silly idea. Any attempt to cage it leads to it melting its way through, and seeking revenge on you in the form of spitting acid. Upon recommendation of your peers, you bought a cloak of dragonhide, and thankfully, now you see why it was needed. After attacking your protective cloth for some time, it will give up, tiring itself out on the ground, allowing for you to remove it to another location. It still returns, though.

Cockatrices seem to resemble chickens fused with dragons. And that is where their similarity with their parents stops. These demonic seeming monsters are still classed as a phoenix, surprisingly, although they tend to not get along well with their family. These dangerous beasts are capable of spitting poison some twenty feet, and the large legs and claws make them formidable, should they decide to jump at you. Many mages opt to not keep these beasts, not only because of their bad attitude, but also because they seem to be only male, making them as a breeding stock, incredibly useless.

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