Unnamed the Brave Orkothlian Construct

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Owner: Nicoleknb
Species:Orkothlian Construct
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Spring
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 11-06-2018 09:05:02

This small hatchling comes and goes, not as in it leaves- it can barely walk. Instead, it seems to be able to meld itself with the shadows that dance upon your walls, and reappear as needed to feed. It will eat nearly anything it can get its mouth around.

Orkothlian Constructs have an unusual and powerful magic- they are able to transfer themselves into shadow dimensions in order to traverse our world. For centuries, many mages have attempted to recreate this magic for their own ill will, espionage, and crime, but the secret has been well kept- and many who have attempted the feat have not returned. It's uncertain who originally created these creatures, but their powerful alignment and skill points towards Aszerath as their original source. No one seems to spot these lurching out of the tower, though, so it cannot be confirmed.

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