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Unnamed the Normal Bauble Long

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Bauble Long
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Spring
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 01-05-2017 14:26:02

Your hatchling has reached adulthood and it loves to summon a small blizzard of snow around it whenever it gets the chance. Often if you leave it in your room you will return to the whole area covered in snow, and if you have any northern region hatchlings, they will often be let out and running to and fro on your bed. It also seems to enjoy using its magic to aide you, often if you bring food to it and ask it to freeze it for you, it will gladly do such and seems to enjoy it. If one of your hatchlings get hurt as well, it will often aide it and use its magic to freeze the wound from gaining any further damage until you can come with aide. It also loves to bring you random gifts of holly branches and rocks, although you kindly turn them down.

Bauble longs are one of the most elusive and rare breeds of dragons, only able to be acquired from a breeder or from the council itself. This is due to the fact that they were hunted to near extinction for the shiny, almost glass-like hide of which its scales can be melted down to form a highly desired and decorative material. These dragons though, are a very reclusive and kind breed, and often will aide and help any sort of creature that they find in need of it. They often, once bonded with their mage, will bring them gifts of crafting ingredients and the occasional rock, and often if their mage brings up that they are really missing an item from their collection, they will bring that item to the mage.

Long draco are extremely lithe breeds of draco that in the old world were thought to be able to control the weather and in some instances, the sun and the moon. They are often seen as a highly intelligent variety of draco that is capable of understanding human speech and sometimes high magic. In the old times, they used to bring them offerings of cooked fish and poultry for the chance to be granted an egg, and once they succeeded the eggs would often be placed on high shrines and carefully taken care of until they hatched. They are seen in various areas of the world, and although some myths describe them with the ability to fly, they lack any sort of wings or wing buds.

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