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Unnamed the Melancholy Danican Gyan

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Danican Gyan
Gender: Female
Orgin: Wind Shop
Season: Winter
Time: Dusk

Your hatchling has grown now and its powers have come to full use, from its silent and near mystical ability to use the slightest breeze in the wind at night to glide for hours, to mesmerizing and enchanting anything that stares into its binding gaze. It is able to easily fend for itself; though you prefer to keep it around as it is willing to deliver messages to and from your holding room.

Danican Gyans are unlike their close cousins the phoenixes, betraying their elemental alignment and aligning as a creature of the wind, lending them their powerful ability to glide silently on the midnight breeze. These creatures rely not on their own internal powers to gain such ability, instead absorbing their abilities through the crystalline gems embedded into their tails, from the dim light emitted from the moon. These creatures are as fickle as the moonlight, and they attitudes and habits seem to change with each coming of a new moon, much like the rebirth that occurs to their phoenix cousins.

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