Unnamed the Sharp Quake Drake

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Owner: Melancholy
Species:Quake Drake
Gender: Female
Orgin: Creche
Season: Fall
Time: Night
Birthdate: 09-16-2018 03:32:08

You hatchling has grown and now seems to be much more content with listening to you and receiving punishment, though it now has many more outbursts than before and often will attack your other hatchlings if they bother it. It will often approach your red dragon hatchlings and initiate a fight, often resulting in you having to punish both of them.

Quake drakes live in the lower mountain region, often seen at the base of a rocky slope. They use this positioning to their advantage, for if a predator sneaks up upon them they simply slam their large tails into the ground, causing a landslide to defend them. They are not affected by this defense, due to their extremely thick hide, which is impervious to blade or claw or fire. They can only be slain by a special magical spell, and to keep the drakes safe this spell has been hidden away in a crypt for eons. The drakes mainly feast on rocks and other things, using the absorbed minerals to strengthen their thick armor. They are said to be natural enemies of red dragons, due to the fact red dragons use their power for show, but it is not known exactly why. In most cases of a battle though, the drake is guaranteed to win due to the fact that they are unharmed by their attacks.

Drakes are described in the old lore as being bulky, flightless draco who possess a distinct lack of smarts and flame. In the new world, they still fall under this description, but drakes may have large, useless wings that may be used to swim with or used as a way to attack and protect their owner. They still are often confused for dragons, and many a time a drake has caused a bought of panic in a village for fear that the town may burst into fire.

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