Unnamed the Giggly Small Demon

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Small Demon
Gender: Male
Orgin: The Tenth Year
Season: Winter
Time: Afternoon

Soot demons are a mischievous brand of small demon, known for playing tricks upon wandering mages who feel that these small creatures pose no threat. Although, they do pose no threat, they would prefer to be viewed as dangerous. Thankfully, their antics only go so far as to throw dust at you.

Small demons are strangely allowed to be kept by mages if found, despite their dubious origins, and much scarier older family. These tiny demons are harmless, though, depending on what they are made of. There have been reports of multiple elemental types being found, and some of these elements seem to lack any sort of connection to our own magic. As such, if found, these mysterious sprites make great study material for a thesis.

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