Unnamed the Phoenix

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Owner: Upper Center
Gender: Egg
Orgin: Volcano
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 01-19-2018 13:09:09

This egg is small, and incredibly hot. A crack now spans the entire front of the shell.

Eastern Phoenixes are the more gaudy of the two base species, adorned with long, trailing feathers that glimmer in the sunlight, and seem to sparkle even in the darkness. The beauty of these birds should not fool you, though, as they are more than capable of setting an entire forest aflame with so much as a word. Thankfully, these birds are incredibly docile, and elusive, only nesting in the volcanoes, and very rarely seen as adults in the wild. To many, it is considered an omen of great luck and prosperity if one of these majestic animals is spotted flying over your house.

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