Greese Wyrm the Lovely Shink

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Owner: Balloon
Name:Greese Wyrm
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Summer
Time: Afternoon

This shink loves to sit at the edge of murky pools with algae and wade by the side until a crayfish comes along for a meal. It also seems to dislike your Red-Tailed Shinks, and often will hiss if one approaches.

Shinks were commonly found in areas surrounding the castle, hidden in brick and other debris. They made a strange disappearance around the fifth century, though, and have not been seen for ages. Any attempts to find their locations in the wild have turned up short, but some mages have reported such a location does exist.

Lizards are creatures that seemed to have come here from the world that existed before this, and are most common around the buildings that are located throughout the world. They seem to prefer to live in the natural hide-aways formed by the stones and bricks that are placed for buildings. They are capable of running at high speeds, used to their advantage to get away from their natural predator, the chickens. They do not seem to have any natural magic, though mages collect them for their odd demeanour and curious nature.

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