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Titania the Mundane Clay Dragon

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Owner: Jeredu
Species:Clay Dragon
Gender: Male
Orgin: Ruins
Season: Spring
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 02-05-2018 03:37:33

Titania has a Black Magiscent to play with! They have bonded 1 times.

Clay dragons were created by a wizard in the eastern region of the veil, as a gift to Naruta. They are slow, lumbering beasts with dripping mud falling off them. They cannot fly and are unable to defend themselves, but they have a unique power. They can transform into any creature or shape they would like, although they are constantly dripping and small objects are impossible for larger dragons. If they are left in the sun, a clay dragon may harden, in which it is recommended to leave them outside until it rains. If left in the sun in the desert, a clay dragon may be dried enough to keep the form it took before drying, but they may be rendered unable to move.

Wyverns are large, powerful draco that only have hind legs and a pair of large and strong wings. They are commonly found in the volcanic and arid regions of the veil, and are feared and revered by the local tribes surrounding their domains. They only eat meat, but will gladly feast on carrion and rotting flesh, unlike their closer cousins the wyrms. It used to be thought that wyverns possessed a large, stinging tail that could poison their prey, and some species still retain this power, but it is more thought that this is a sure sign of the close relation of wyverns and wyrms. Wyverns also commonly possess strong, plated scales that protect their underbelly and make them nearly invulnerable to any sort of weapon.

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