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Onroz has told me to inform you all that his retiring companion stock for this month is the Jellies! Get them while you can. :)
Posted by Q on 07-13-2018 19:20:21
The Bestiary has finally been updated! Please direct all bug reports to the forums or report system :)
Posted by Q on 07-13-2018 18:53:32
You can now add creatures from your hold to the click page! Additionally, the click pages have been streamlined and now remove things that you have clicked.
Posted by Q on 07-04-2018 07:27:59
Along with the new wishlist feature, you can now view your collection progress! Have fun :)
Posted by Q on 06-30-2018 17:34:08
Three new forum vistas have been added to the vista shop! Although two are quite the money pits...
Posted by Q on 06-25-2018 13:37:47

As you approach upon your steed, you notice that the high castle is not so decrepit as originally anticipated. You still have a long way to travel, but you can see that the towers have returned functionality and the magic epicenter is once again flowing. You can sometimes view a dragon dart in between the three spires that rise up, and occasionally see a mage entering or leaving the large opalescent doors. The darkness still encroaches the light, but the world seems to be healthier than ever before.

Q's Yellow Dragon the Weak Yellow Dragon
Posted by Q on 07-13-2018 18:46:59

The bestiary has been updated (finally!) with it comes a new way to interact with your companions, better collection management, and a look towards a better system for creature and item sales- but for now, it is just companions. Additionally, fishing has been removed, and its companions converted towards the newer feature. That isn't the next thing on my plate though- our big 5 is coming soon! Stay tuned for that :)
Posted by Q on 05-25-2018 16:04:19

New creature! This egg can be found in the creche until 6/1/2018, after which it will be moved into the ocean area.

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