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Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 08-13-2018 02:44:48
A page for information on custom items has been added! With hints of tomorrow's new feature. :)
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 08-03-2018 20:23:02
Onroz has rotated his companion stock!
Site Update
Posted by Upper Center on 07-31-2018 12:36:39
Hey everyone!
Just a quick little update to let you all know that Q and I will be taking a short break from FoM for about a week for a holiday.
There won´t be any major updates during this time period, however if something BIG happens, please let one of us know!
In the meantime, we will still be active in the Discord chat!
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 07-29-2018 15:34:19
Creatures are now only able to be sold from their manage page, and have been integrated with the new shop system. All that is left is items!
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 07-28-2018 16:54:23
Got too many boxes? Not one for RNG? Now you can sell your boxes! You can sell them from the boxes page, instead of the old user sales.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 07-26-2018 20:50:57
As a thank you for those who join the discord, there is a new variant of toad available to you as a gift! Don't worry if you're shy- they can breed just like normal :)
Change Log Post
Posted by Upper Center on 07-26-2018 16:32:39
The social media links on the index page have been updated. We've also included a link to our new discord channel!
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 07-26-2018 12:36:06
The council is predicting that the strange blood moon occurrence will conclude at sunrise on Saturday, 7/28/2018.
Site Update
Posted by Q on 07-23-2018 23:55:39
Happy big 5 FoM! Today's update comes with a long-awaited return of being able to unlock other clan's special creature zones- but with a twist- you'll need to earn the blessing of that clan's deity in order to visit! In order to gain their attention, though, you need to be quite active.... and don't expect them to go easy on you. You can find other changes here.

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