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Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-15-2018 18:22:31
The site theme has now been changed to be Edge Browser compatible.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-12-2018 09:29:34
Erorgath has had their quest point rewards raised to ten points per creature.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-11-2018 21:52:50
Pending the new Quests rewrite, all quest point totals were removed for re-balancing purposes. Shop prices will be adjusted as needed.
Site Update
Posted by Q on 02-11-2018 21:50:54

There are now five possible quests to choose from, each requiring different things. Aszerath still asks for items, Adam asks for battle trinkets, The Forest Shrine asks for click goals, Thomas asks for companions, and Erorgath asks for adoptables! All of these have a time limit of an hour to reach your goal, except for Erorgath- who will rotate his demand for creatures between any that have a three star and below rarity daily.
Since we're sure the new system has bugs - don't forget we have a bug report form!
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-10-2018 21:06:58
Alchemy glitch has been fixed to curb flood of cocowyrms. Also added a 'select all' button to moving creatures, and capped page load at 1000 total per move.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-10-2018 17:05:36
News now has a dedicated page, linked from the bottom of the index. You may need to clear your cache if it has display issues.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-09-2018 23:35:03
The Index page has received an update. News archive arriving soon(tm).
Site Update
Posted by Q on 02-09-2018 21:45:49

You might not have noticed; but down at the bottom of the page- we have created a patreon to help support the site! Our team felt that this was a better course of action than a premium currency, and that it would help spark new ideas for the site and give us a direct voice to you! Rewards for supporting us will be handed out when payments process, and any item / companion / creature rewards will be emailed for details about their design. All funds given to the patreon will allow for us to improve the site and go towards upgrading the server capacity and eventually getting dedicated art assests from a true professional- but let us start small for now!

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