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Site Update
Posted by Q on 02-09-2018 21:45:49

You might not have noticed; but down at the bottom of the page- we have created a patreon to help support the site! Our team felt that this was a better course of action than a premium currency, and that it would help spark new ideas for the site and give us a direct voice to you! Rewards for supporting us will be handed out when payments process, and any item / companion / creature rewards will be emailed for details about their design. All funds given to the patreon will allow for us to improve the site and go towards upgrading the server capacity and eventually getting dedicated art assests from a true professional- but let us start small for now!
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-04-2018 19:00:00
Quests have been taken offline for a pending rewrite and re-balancing. Should be restored around 2/12/2018.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 02-02-2018 19:00:00
Alerts have been added to the site. They are triggered upon receiving a currency transfer, any form of sale, and winning the lotto.
Creature Release
Posted by Q on 01-29-2018 19:00:00

The Lunar Hiakiar has been released! Find it in the creche from 1/30/2018 to 2/1/2018, after which it will move to the Darklands.
Change Log Post
Posted by Q on 01-16-2018 18:58:20
The site theme has been changed! It currently does not display properly on IE or Microsoft Edge browsers, no ETA on when they will be compatible.

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